Artist biography



Kelly Ehrmann from the NE Ohio Great-Lake’s region. Youngest of three and daughter of a Naval-engineer and carpenter Irish father and mother of Italian descent. Throughout her youth her passion was drawing and painting. After graduation she resided in Belgium for a brief time where she gained lifelong friends. She moved out west and journeyed to many of the states then traveled abroad on a number of occasions throughout Europe and the Caribbean. Today she resides in Colorado.

Influenced by:
The impressionist and post-impressionist of the 19th century, her technique is a combination of the two and paints with both brush and knife. Painting with a landscape palette, her layering of colors and bold strokes bring texture and contrast with subtle pops or an array of vibrant color. Her inspiration comes from her love of nature and long weekends spent in the country at her grandmother’s house.
While residing in Belgium she was captivated by old world architecture and gained an appreciation of all architectural elements found throughout her travels. Her mother always instilled values to appreciate the beauty and blessings in life, regardless of life’s storms and is the foundation that evokes her inner strength to favor and present peaceful scenes. Her desire is to give viewers a place to rest the mind. These are found in her settings which have been described as timelessness, romantic, existential, colorful and invigorating, but yet accessible.
Her love for animation and imagination brought her to create children’s picture books that are registered with the Library of Congress.
Remaining true to her beginnings, her appreciation of the arts, draws her fascination to attend all genres of live theater, and has taken up several forms of dance that include Irish, swing, and salsa.

She began her foundation as a self-taught artist with minimal instruction. Her uncle, Assistant Fire Chief and an artist of marketable oil paintings, often spoke with her about art and instructed her on subjects such as shading, direction of light, perception and tools in the trade.
Later in life she studied graphic design and animation receiving an Associate’s Degree from Red Rocks Community College. Additional studies include photography, oil and watercolor painting and the study of botanical illustration which she learned through the Denver Botanical Gardens.